Application for Special Parking Permit

Special parking permits are issued by the Traffic and Transportation Division of the Engineering Department and are intended to provide for services or needs of an infrequent or unique nature. Examples include utility work, constructions, special events, etc. More detailed information about special parking permits may be found in the Municipal Code, Sections 114-361.18-21 . View our interactive parking map showing each on-street parking space by rate, hours, and payment type. For more information view the Special Parking Permit Insructions

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Notice: The City of Des Moines requires the permit application be submitted three (3) working days in advance of the requested meter reservation date.
(The End Date should specify the last day the permit is active and the Start Date and End Date should be the same for single day permits.)


Location Types (check all that apply) *

Enter the first 3 numbers of the space for suggestions. View interactive parking map.
Space Number Daily Rate ($)  

    local_parking - parking space

    settings_input_hdmi - regular meter

    settings_input_hdmisettings_input_hdmi - double meter (2 spaces & double fee)

    timer - 15/30 min free parking

    accessible- handicapped parking space

    check - available for request

    warning - not available for request

    error - unknown status (check that permit dates are valid)

    Please provide street name, which side of street, and limits. (E.g. Court Ave, South Side, 2nd to 3rd)
    Additional Info
    Please provide reason permit is needed. (E.g. Construction, event, moving truck, dumpster)

    Please contact the Traffic and Transportation Division at (515) 283-4973 if you have any questions. Additional information regarding Special Parking Permits is available online.